Artemis Company

Our Experience

Artemis has been in action with leading national and international businesses, dealing in large variety of activity sectors, with different enterprises all over the Globe.
The main activity sectors where our professionals have provided their services include the following:

·         Medical (Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Clinical Researchs, Veterinary)

·         Gaming (Action, Arcade, Adventure, Strategy, War, Sports, Online Games, Mobile Games)

·         Telecommunications (Hardware, Network, CRM Systems Manual, FTTB Technology)

·         Industrial (Aerospace, Armour & Weaponry, Automotive, Electronics, Heavy Machinery)

·         Services (Legal, Engineering, IT & Software, Banking, Governmental, Hotel and Catering) 

·         Construction (Contractors, Printing & Packing, Electrical and Mechanical Subcontractors)